01 March 2012

Toothpaste: Is It Worth Your Time?

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Last week I explored the concept of how we spend our time. I charted the time it takes me to make various products vs buying store bought versions.

A reader asked if I was going to share any of the recipes I use for the things I make, and I thought it was an excellent idea. I have, in the past, shared some specific recipes. In fact, I spent a whole month blogging about homemade. But I didn't share all of my recipes, and some others I have shared I have now tweaked slightly, so I figured it's a great time to revisit some specific items.

First up, toothpaste. I once shared a recipe that worked for us, but it just wasn't quite right. The kids weren't all that excited about it, saying it was too salty. I knew we were on the right track, but I needed to experiment a little more.

So I did. The experimentation came to a halt, though, when I found the recipe below. It is perfect for our family. Maybe it will also be perfect for yours.

Before you dismiss it (when you see the ingredients), though, please be aware that you cannot taste the soap at all. I personally feel that it serves to somewhat neutralize the saltiness of the baking soda. And since hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in most tooth whiteners (along with dozens of chemicals),  I have noticed a whitening effect on my teeth. Bonus.

Recipe from Little Seed Farm

6 tsp baking soda
1 tsp Dr. Bronners
1 tsp hydrogen peroxide
1 tsp stevia
30 drops birch oil (feel free to use another mint oil of your choice instead of birch)
A few notes:
  • I used peppermint oil and it worked great; I have also read that you can use peppermint extract with the same results, although I have not tried it myself.
  • the hydrogen peroxide made the solution bubble initially, so wait a while to put it in a tube or whatever container you are going to use.
  • a word on the time issue: while it is true that this recipe only takes a few minutes to make, I understand you might not have the supplies available at home, and that will certainly affect the time needed to complete this project.  An internet search will help you find the items you are looking for, or a trip to a health food store. Stay tuned for a re-post of my favorite internet sites for finding these supplies.
Have fun!


  1. I buy the peppermint Dr. Bronner's. Do you think I could use it and reduce or eliminate the amount of peppermint oil? Any input would be awesome.

    1. That could work. Remember, this recipe is trial and error. If it is not minty enough, add a few drops more. Not sweet enough, add a little more stevia. Experiment until you get to a point where you will use it and are fine with the taste, but keep in mind that initially the baking soda might seem pretty strong. So at first you might need extra stevia, peppermint oil, etc. You will get used to the different taste, though, so don't give up. I even know a lady who sweetens hers with a little honey. Keep trying until you find what works for you.

    2. Awesome, thanks. Toothpaste is one of the few things that I don't make. I'm not sure why, but I've been a little squeamish about it. I'm determined to get over it. :)