09 March 2012

Five Minute Friday: Empty

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We rush from here to there, with a million stops in between. We spend our time figuring out how to spend our time, and worrying about how to fit it all in. We put on the brave face that says we have it all: friends, family, blessings galore.

We make it a priority to be so filled that we are never empty. We listen to talk show hosts, read self-help books, and try to make improvements on our lives. We hover over our children so they have the absolute best shot at life.

We are so very full.

But the truth is, we are all so very empty. So empty that we are stuffed full. We are each a vessel, useless until it is filled. We make sense of it all by being full and overflowing. We give meaning and take meaning from the things we choose to fill ourselves.

If we have trouble finding the right fit, we keep cramming and stuffing and forcing the fullness. But still the pockets of emptiness remain.

But, when we find it, the right fit into our vessels, well, then we find contentment. And it pours from us [without ever emptying our souls].

1 comment:

  1. Oh, my. Brave faces, long lists and empty hearts.
    You have nailed almost every woman on the planet with that one, at one time or another, I think...

    I love the picture of our contentment pouring out from us without ever emptying our souls. What a comforting image!