23 March 2012

Five Minute Friday: Loud

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It's not just loud; it's deafening. The kind of noise that would alarm some people. Mainly people without kids.

But it's joyous, spontaneous, and real. The kind of noise I would never stop, no matter how much my ears shatter. The sound of innocent childhood memories being seared into the brains of the precious little people playing happily in the garden.

When did loud get so bad? When did we start having to use our "inside" voices all the time?

Probably around the same time when we just wanted to blend in. Never stand out. Never be placed in the center of the room with the spotlight on us and everyone pointing and jeering because we aren't the same as all the other people in the room who are all terrified because there is something about them that is so very different.

Sometimes I wish for loud. Mainly when I need an answer to something. Because I haven't trained my ears enough to listen for the quiet subtle voice. I need the screaming voice. GO THIS WAY! TAKE THIS PATH! DO THIS NOW!

Other times I wish for quiet. In the literal sense. But I know that soon enough those joyful screams will be replaced by the sullen, "I'm going to my room. Leave me alone. I don't want to talk." So I bask in the loud, I make no judgements, and I pray they will have the courage to [not care about blending in].

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  1. Loud: Wonderful and deafening all rolled up into one package called kids!

  2. Honestly, until my grandmother chided me for not having taught my kids to use inside voices, I had never heard the phrase! I was an only child, probably my mom didn't need it. I struggled with my grandma's rebuke because I could hear the joy in their voices. I ended up not trying to teach them to stop being loud, but to teach them when to move their loud. Glad you know you want to enjoy the loud now!