14 December 2011

Challenge Wednesday 12

This post was written by Jen @ A Drop in the Bucket.

Last week Tracey asked me the question: what was the hardest part of your 5k training and how did you keep motivated to continue in spite of it?

Well, even though she asked about the hardest part, it is an easy question for me to answer.  The hardest part of training for a 5K is the same issue I constantly have with exercise in general.  

Finding the time.  And making finding the time a priority.  

It is SO easy for me to make excuses to get myself out of exercise of any form.  I can find just about every excuse in the book:  "I don't feel good", "the kids were up a lot last light and I'm tired", "it's raining outside", or "it's Monday". 

But this time the fact that I had an end goal in sight--the Turkey Day 5K in my hometown--I remained motivated.  In addition, I had posted about the 5K (and starting the couch to 5K program) on my blog, so I felt like I was being held accountable.  

Because every other time I have failed at an exercise regime?  There weren't a whole bunch of people following along to see how the 5K went.  And I didn't have a friend whom I had committed to running the 5K with.  It sure made the 6 a.m. alarm easier to obey. 

So my plan going forward is to continue to find a race to take part in.  And, on top of that, I want to continue to improve my running (i.e. pace and distance), so I will create challenges for myself based on that.  

The other huge, key part of the fact that I finished my 5K training?  I actually like running.  I never thought I would, and was actually scared of it, I think.  But the solitude, the quietness of the early morning hours (which is when I run), the satisfaction of knowing I CAN do it.   SO many reasons to like it {guessing I will eventually be able to say I love it}.

{Sigh}.  It was so great for me answer this question {thanks Tracey!}.  Being away from home and living in a hotel, it has been very hard to find time to exercise, but writing this post makes me want to find a way.  So...I am off to see if there is a way {although being a solo parent for one more week might prevent it, but maybe wish me luck, and that'll help!}. 

Now it's my turn to ask Tracey another question.  Hmmm....

In honor of the upcoming holiday, my question to Tracey is,  "What are your top three tips for enjoying Christmas, but in a simple, natural or relaxed way?"

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