06 December 2011

Pin it. Do it. Week 5.

I pinned this 4-minute workout routine on a whim.  While I don't agree that 4 minutes of anything is equal to running 40-60 minutes, I do agree that this is an inclusive workout.

I figured it would be better than nothing on the days when I can't lace up my trainers and hit the pavement.

I've done it several times, and I can say with absolute authority that this 4 minutes routine kicks some serious tail.

And that's coming from a runner - I'm not claiming to be athlete of the year or anything, but my cardiovascular fitness is decent.

But I've also noticed that the routine gets easier each time, which motivates me to keep trying.  Even if the real reason it gets easier is that I'm doing it slower...

Don't worry, I didn't know what a squat thrust or mountain climber was either.  Mr. Google can help you with that.

So, do any of you actually try the things you pin?  Do you use pinterest?  I'm finding it to be extremely helpful for organizing the things I find on the internet, but it has also been fooling me into thinking I'm more creative than I actually am.  Tricky, tricky.  No, really, I'm having a great time trying the things I pin, and I encourage you to do the same.


  1. i have been thinking of trying out the pins for a long time.. But afraid to commit to something knowing it will be difficult to carry it out! but i guess I will post something.. once in a while.... thanks Tracey! now for that for minute work out! or munching on 4 Oreos in 4 minutes... Big decision to make...http://raisingboysinthenetherelands.blogspot.com/

  2. Wow--looks like a tough, but good, 4 minutes. Sort of surprised that it could burn that many calories?? I've pinned it though...

    I've done a few pins. Just haven't been very good at featuring them. ;-) And you know I use it. I am just a bit addicted.

  3. Manju - just give it a try! BTW, did you opt for the Oreos? I would have.

    Jen - I really don't think it could burn that many calories, but it's definitely a tough four minutes.

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