05 December 2011

Funday Monday: Dutch Babies, Baby

I have here one of our go-to weekend breakfasts.  We pull it out when we have limited time, because you literally dump the ingredients and bake it.  As you know, I have very specific criteria for the things I attempt, and this fits them all:  easy, fast, and easy.  Oh, and real food too.  Which is kind of a given if you make a recipe yourself.

I have no idea where the name came from, because I live in Holland, and I've never seen this here.  But whatever.  Who cares, as long as it tastes good.  And it does.

You can easily substitute your favorite flour.  The only sweetener substitute I've made is to use raw sugar instead of refined, but the recipe only calls for three tablespoons, so no matter what you use, it won't be much.  Honey might work also, but you might have to increase the flour slightly to make up for the extra liquid.  I haven't tried it, but I can say the recipe is quite forgiving.

I love a few things about this recipe.  First, it is easy.  Duh.  Secondly, the six eggs packs in the tummy filling protein while the flour just gives texture.  It reminds me of french toast without having to stand at the stove making individual pieces.  Or slicing and dipping bread.  Yeah, I really don't like to do that.

But I do like this.  You should try it.


  1. So what's the recipe? You forgot to put thr specifics in your post/ ;)

  2. Sorry about that - it was there earlier! Looks like it didn't load right, but I've fixed it now.

  3. I make dutch babies ALL the time in my house! We sprinkle powdered sugar on ours. I also add honey to the recipe. This makes the dutch baby "rise" a bit and gives a nice thickness to it, which we love. :)

  4. Mara, I think I like Dutch babies better than pancakes. Next time I'll add honey.

  5. That looks yummy! I'm pinning it.

  6. Looks tasteful :) I live in NL too and never heard of 'Dutch Babies'. Worth a try, I think! Thanks for sharing.