01 December 2011

Be the Change

We've been involved with a non-profit organization called Journeys Within Our Community for several years, ever since we took a trip to Cambodia.

Their tagline is "See a problem, solve a problem."

I love that.  I can identify with that.  In a small, tiny, personal way.  In my family, what started as a way to be able to clean my house without my kids breathing in toxic fumes has blossomed into a quest to live more by consuming less.

recent study found that BPA levels rose in people after eating canned soup.  Ok.  How can we change that?  We could (a) wait for companies to take BPA out of their soup cans or (b) stop buying canned soup.  And to stop relying on canned soup, we either have to (a) not eat soup or (b) learn to make our own.

It's really not such a hard choice, once we realize that choice (b) is the one way to guarantee that we have control over what goes into our bodies.  Problem solved.

But this is what it is all about! Any of us seeking simple, intentional, and natural living are solving a problem by making our own path.

And it doesn't have to look like this.  
Any change - any change - that you make to better yourself and your future is a good change.

The question is, what will it be?  A garden to grow your own food?  A promise to break the cycle of consumerism?  A switch to natural cleaners?  A commitment to local, seasonal produce?

Because, no matter what your political, moral, religious, or financial leanings, the person who can best make change in your life is you.


  1. Like your article and attitude. Have been trying to make changes in my little household as well. Have been avoiding cans by using dried peas and dried chickpeas, and using tetrapacked coconut creams and tomatosauces. Have also recently started using skin and hair care products without SLS, perfume etc, partly inspired by one of your older post. Now am about to start with the cleaning detergents...

  2. Thanks, Evelyn. Nice job with your changes...baby steps, right?

  3. Exactly. Any change. It's all about baby steps! :)

  4. Found you through fitness friday-- I am also passionate about living simply, eating seasonally, "green" cleaning etc... so nice to find other moms with similar passions. Happy running! Oh! And I love Simply in Season (just saw in on your sidebar)!

  5. Hi Mommyrunfast - glad to have you come visit. I'm off to visit your blog now.