01 September 2011


Be Still, and Know That I AM GOD.  I Will be Exalted Among the Nations, I Will Be Exalted Over The Earth. Psalm 46:10

Today turned into an exhausting day.  The hours remaining aren't enough to accomplish what needs to be done.  And it is ending messier, with more on my plate, than it started.

As I sit at my computer, frustrated that I can't finish what I have started, that I am leaving in the morning with too many loose ends,  I hear A Voice telling me to 


and I need to mark this moment as a time that I was told to stop.  

Being Still is so often used to admonish, to stop talking and start listening.

But tonight, right now, in this moment, I am being offered a chance to Be Still so I can find rest.  

No more talking, no more listening.

Just Be Still.

Just Be.

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