15 September 2011

Introducing: 31 Days

There are some seriously talented bloggers out there.  It's intimidating to me, with no writing talent, no true expertise in any one thing, and, well, limited creativity.

But it's also inspiring.  Finally, I feel like I'm headed somewhere with this blog thing.  My purpose has always been clear:  to keep the chaos under control so I can spend my time on important things, rather than just urgent ones.  (Read:  simplify life so we can enjoy each other)

But my blog entries sometimes wander all over the place.  I think I'm headed in the right direction, but I need practice and a goal.  Well, I found one.

In October, I'm linking up with a group of bloggers for a 31 day party.  I've chosen my topic, and every day, for the whole month, I'm going to blog about it.  I think it's a fantastic idea, and hopefully I'll have enough to say to fill every single day.

Are you ready for my topic?  Here it is:

31 Days to Home Made

This will include the whys and hows of spending less, making more, and enjoying all the steps along the way.  From food to kid stuff to decorations, it will all find its way here.

Hopefully it will be as interesting to you as it is to me.

Hop on over to My 3 Boybarians to read all about it and see what other people will be writing about.

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