05 September 2011


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I've been trying hard to reuse what we have around here.  One of the easiest things to repurpose is the plethora of glass jars that come into my house.  Glass is still the medium of choice here in NL, so I get glass jars for things like peanut butter, applesauce, and more.

I use these jars to store extra home made sauces, curries, and soups, but it was only recently that I figured out a good solution for labeling these items so they don't become one of life's deepest mysteries in the recesses of my freezer.

I ordered these chalkboard labels from Etsy and bought a liquid chalkboard marker at my local home supply store.

The vinyl labels stay on the jars nicely in the dishwasher, and the chalkboard marker stays on once dry but easily wipes off with a damp cloth.  No more applying, removing, and reapplying label tape or scotch tape or whatever kind of tape I can find whenever the contents of the jar change.

It also makes the jar look a little dressier - perfect for when it is used as a flower vase.

You can use regular chalk on them too - it just doesn't stay on in the freezer quite as well.  These fancy pants labels can be bought in all shapes and sizes...talk about multitaskers.

And while I am still in love with my favorite organizational tool, my label maker, sometimes it just isn't practical when the label, say, has to be changed often or gets cold and wet in the freezer.

I love these things so much I even pinned a huge vinyl wall calendar to get if when we live once again in a house of our own.

I think I've found a new organizing obsession.

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  1. LOVE those labels. Now I am going to have to go pin it!!