08 September 2011


Linking up again with Tales From Windmill Fields to talk more about living in a foreign country.

Here's the topic for this week:  list 5 things your country doesn't have and you wish they did and 5 things they do have and you wish they didn't.

5 things NL doesn't have that I wish they did:

1.  Good breakfast restaurants.  
Actually, that's something I missed when we lived in Japan too.  American breakfasts.  Yum.
2.  Warm summers.
I really like it here.  But not for the weather.  I want heat and humidity.  None of that to be found here.
3.  Screens on windows.
Since there's no air conditioning, everyone has their doors and windows open.  But why no screens?  I bought a venus flytrap - seriously - as a way to combat the bugs in the house, so it's not like the NL is a blessed bug-free land.  
4.  Closets.
I like closets.  I like hiding all of our stuff.  Wardrobes are not the same.
5.  Mexican food.
No need to elaborate, especially if you have ever lived close to Mexico and now try to get your fix at Las Salinas in Veldhoven.  No offense to Las Salinas; we like it there, but only because we understand that it's not really Mexican food.

5 things NL does have that I wish they didn't:
1.  Frikandel.
2. Lots of traffic laws.
Who ever heard of yielding to the right?  
first week of september - rainy and cold
3. Unpredictable weather.
The only thing you can predict is that you have no idea when you leave your house if/when you'll need a jacket, umbrella, or boots.
4. French fries.
Only because they're pretty good, and I should eat less of them.
5. Incorrect stereotypes.
I actually really like it here, overall, and I think that some of the stereotypes are a caricature of what life is actually like.

If you are here from Windmill Fields, welcome.  Have a look around, and come visit again.  And if you are just here on your own, head on over to take a look at others' posts.  Have a great NL weekend!  If things stay the way they are, looks like we'll be apple picking in the rain...


  1. Screens on the windows and closets. Totally with you on that those! Oh, and french fries. They seem to taste so much better here than anywhere else... wonder what they put in the fryer? ;-)

  2. The fries are so good because they put marijuana in the fryer. Just kidding, I think it's because they get fried twice - once ahead of time and then again when you order them. Extra crispy.

  3. Hi there! Thank s for linking up again :) Seems we agree on the weather front!! Actually the yielding to the right thing is something that really annoys me on my bike as I don't know, Am I as a cyclist supposed to yield to a car coming from the right??

  4. Yielding to the right is the thing that still confounds me...I think I'm supposed to yield to cyclists when I am in a car, so would that apply the other way around? Most rules I at least see where they started from (with the help of a Dutch person or teacher), but this one still baffles me. Aahh, life in NL. Thanks for the link up!