19 September 2011

FUNDAY MONDAY - Organization Heaven

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photo courtesy of I Heart Organizing

In my real life, I find organization solutions using what we already have, and it works, but it's not always pretty.  But in my fantasy life, I have matching containers in a variety of sizes fitting perfectly on my shelves and in my cupboards, and all uniformly labeled with my label maker.

So when I found this blog via pinterest, I swore I wasn't going to tell my husband, because he already thinks I'm a little OCD with the whole organizing thing.  But, it was too good not to share on my own blog, and he is of course one of my loyal readers.  Hi, husband!  But then I thought maybe he could look at the link and realize how unorganized I truly am, or at least how much more organized I could be if I followed my obsession every moment, or if I hadn't learned to relax a little.

And then just this morning I stumbled across this pantry, and my heart went pitter patter.  Sad, I know.  

But seriously, how wonderfully organized are these people's spaces?  Thank you, I Heart Organizing and The Perfect Pantry for sharing your organization know-how.


Someday...in the meantime, here are some more places to find organization eye candy:

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