16 September 2011


Happy Friday - time for another Five Minutes of pure unedited writing, courtesy of Gypsy Mama.  Today's topic?  Joy.  Once again, perfectly fitting for me and my life right now.


You see the depths of my heart and You love me the same.

(Chris Tomlin, Indescribable.  You can listen and read the lyrics here -**added after the 5 minutes**)

You are amazing God.

A couple weeks ago I went to a funeral.  It was a man who went to our church - his wife and grown daughter and grandsons do also.  The death was sudden and unexpected.  It was full of sadness.

It was the most joyful funeral I have ever attended.  We sang all of his favorite songs during the worship time, and through the tears joined together as a congregation to praise God for the life he led and for calling him home.  It was a testimony to all the visitors, all the people who don't know that kind of joy.

It was very difficult.  And very beautiful.  Because of the joy.  The joy that never wavered, not even once, from the hearts of his family and friends.  It made me think of my own family, my sick grandfather and my husband's sick grandmother.  It made me understand the depths of joy - how far reaching it is.

I feel sadness.  But I choose joy.  Because my joy comes from somewhere beyond my emotions.  I have to reach for it, but it is there.  Waiting.  Born from Love.  It is my joy, and it will not cease.


Thank you, Gypsy Mama, for your own inspiring post.  Hop over and check out what others have to say about joy.


  1. ..."Because my joy comes from somewhere beyond my emotions." As I was reading through some other blogs tonight from Five Minute Friday I came across a comment reminding us that we can choose joy "even though". That comment really spoke to me and I heard God speaking this same truth to my heart again as I read your post. Joy...even though.
    Beautiful words-

  2. It is such a gift to choose joy in the midst of sorrow & so life changing

  3. So True! What a great way for us to be inspired and reminded of what is important. Love reading everyone's posts on Fridays.

  4. Beautiful post. I thing having everyone sing his favorite songs is such a touching, personal touch.

  5. I'm always stunned at the beauty that God can bring to the saddest of life's circumstances. I pray God makes beauty out of what your family is going through. Thanks for the post and for sharing the joy of this recently bereaved family.

  6. Thank you Tracey, for writing so touchingly about my dad's funeral. We do look back upon that day with a smile on our faces. It was a fitting send-off for a joyous man, a man who had the joy of knowing God and who had said he sometimes longed for heaven. He is there now and although I don't have enough words to describe how much I miss him, it is an enormous comfort to know where he is.

  7. Liesbeth, I'm so happy you found it touching. Every word is true, and our joy even through the sadness is what gives us hope for the reunion in heaven. Prayers for you, friend.