26 September 2011


I can feel my crunchiness clawing its way to the top again.  Things were insanely busy, and I squashed it for a while, but it's still there, begging to be heard.  Sometimes even I think I'm a little nuts, but here I am admitting all my quirks anyway.

So I've been trying to repurpose just about everything before it heads to the trash.  
A few examples?  

I reuse cereal bags to hold a wedge of cheese or some rice cakes.

I cut the elastic band out of an old pair of pajamas, saved the elastic in my sewing kit, and turned the fabric into rags.

We're turning old (homemade) costumes into new (homemade) costumes with a little cutting, sewing, and fabric dye.  More on that later.

And even the Little gets in on the act.  She recently wandered into the laundry area and emerged with this hat of sorts from a scrap of long underwear I was cutting into rags.  I tied the knot at the top, and she wore it all day.  I should probably mention that we didn't leave the house.

And as long as we're talking about repurposing and costumes and stuff like that, let me remind you that

is coming...October is almost here.  Stay tuned.


  1. Cute hat on the little lady. Oh, and can't wait to see what you are cooking up for 31 days!!! :-)

  2. We reuse cereal bags to pound chicken into cutlets. Great because no need to waste wax paper and the bonus of the bag holding the raw meat in place and keeps your counter clean. I know you are vegetarian but I bet there are meat-eaters reading your blog! ;) Miss you!

  3. @Jen - it suits her well. 31 days will be awesome!! Spread the word!

    @Meredith - actually, we recently started introducing some meats back into our diet 1-2x week. This is a fantastic tip.