30 November 2011

Challenge Wednesday #10: Thinking Cap Edition

So, I decided that December is challenging enough without creating more work with our weekly challenge series.  So, instead, we are moving in a different direction for a little while.  Last week I posed this question to Jen at A Drop in the Bucket:

What is the #1 priority for you to succeed in living an intentional life and why?

Read on for her answer:


Hey friends!  So, with the busyness of the holidays upon us, Tracey and I decided to take it "easy" on the challenges.  So, instead...we are going to use the next several Wednesday's to interview each other.  We jumped right into challenges, but thought it would be great for you all to learn more about us.  And not just the easy stuff, like our hair color {although that might be a hard question for me to answer} and favorite colors, but questions that will hopefully help you to really get to know us. 

Tracey got to start.  So, here we go... {and who knew this could even be MORE of a challenge than some of our other ones?}

Jen, what is the #1 priority for you to succeed in living an intentional life and why? 

Wowza.  Well, I really feel like I could cop out on this one and say "my kids".  I want them to have a good example, I want to really enjoy this time with them and I want to be a good mother.  

And then I can include this photo of my little munchkin.  Ooops. I just did!  ;-)

But, if I really dig down deep {and that's the point of these questions, right?}, I think my #1 priority in succeeding to live an intentional life would be "no regrets". 

I've spent a lot of time over the last ten years or so wishing I would have finished this project or lost that weight or made that other change.   

Even though I don't have a lot of regrets when it comes to the "big" things, its the little things...the everyday things...that bug me.  

And the best thing about this?  By creating my blog, and more specifically, putting my bucket list items on "paper" and holding myself accountable for them...for one of the first times in my life, I have started finishing things.  I am truly being intentional with my life.  

Intending to live in the moment.  To enjoy it.  To live it.  Not to just think about it.  

I have written a book {even though it needs A LOT of work}.  I have participated in an organized sporting event {and with that completed the couch to 5K program}.  I have spent 31 days becoming a better mama.  

So I can only imagine that as I continue on this journey to truly living an intentional life that these accomplishments are going to continue.  And I won't find myself looking back with sadness at the weight I didn't lose, the activity I didn't take part in or the project I didn't finish.  

Because all those things will be done... or at least they should be.  

~ ~ ~ 

So there you have it.  Now, Tracey,  a question for you:  What is the one thing about entering this blog world that has surprised you the most?  

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