02 November 2011

Challenge Wednesday #6

I've got a great post here from Jenny at A Drop In The Bucket, my guest blogger for today.  Last week I challenged Jen to replace one traditional cleaner from her cleaning closet with a chemical free, natural, and safe alternative.  Read on for her report:


Last week, Tracey challenged me to make a homemade cleaning solution, so that I could get rid of some of my old cleaning supplies and natural, safe cleaning products around the house.

Well, the first part of this {getting rid of the old stuff} was easy…or so I thought.  I DID throw away all of our cleaning supplies when we left the Netherlands last week.  But then we got to our new home in Scotland, and there were a supply of cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink.  Ugh.  What to do?

What did I do? Put them in a box in the garage.  Not gonna use 'em.  No siree.

So I used the links that Tracey recommended in last weeks post {and would you believe somehow my vinegar got moved to Scotland, along with an empty plastic spray bottle--okay that might have been planned?}, and put together the concoction.  And it worked awesome.  On the kitchen table, on the toilet, the bathroom sink.  I am psyched!!  Inexpensive, natural, safe and it works?!?!  I'm sold.

But I do recommend essential oils, like is mentioned in a few of the "recipes".  I haven't had a chance to order them yet, but am excited to.  The scent of vinegar is a bit much.  {wink}  But once I have the essential oils?  Perfection.

So thanks Tracey, this was something I have always wanted to do, but you gave me the courage and the reason to do it.

Now it is time to return the favor.  For you, my dear, before the next Wednesday I'd like you to take photos of your daily life.  Lets say 1-2 a day?  And then share them next week.  See, I am a big believer in living in the moment.  Why?  Because we are creating such precious memories for our children when we do that.  And preserving those memories?  Priceless.

Thanks, Jen, for taking on the challenge and for the positive report.  I'm looking forward to keeping a photo documentary of my daily life.  And speaking of challenges, I've updated my bucket list a little, and I'm still tracking my 1000 gifts, so check them out on the top of this page.

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