07 November 2011

FUNDAY MONDAY - where do you get your stuff?

I get emails a lot from people asking where I get the supplies for some of the things I make.  I have to say, I'm an internet shopper in this regard.  Part of it is that even though I've lived in the Netherlands for over a year, I am still sometimes unsure of where to find certain items.  Especially "crunchy" stuff, like stevia powder and jojoba oil.

And part of it is that I've found some great websites to find supplies in bulk, so it's easy to stock up and satisfy Frugal Me.

And so I thought I'd share a few of my go-to sites and what kinds of items you can find there.

Duh.  I link to something on Amazon just about every week.  But really, you can find fantastic things in their Marketplace.  I usually shop there for things like NOW Foods Jojoba Oil Pure, 4 ounce

I also like to read the reviews before I make a selection, so this is a no-brainer one-stop shop for me.

This is a good website for bulk herbs, essential oils, and soaps.  My usual purchases from here include castile soap, essential oils, stevia powder, and occasionally some tea.

Love love love this site for bulk food items.  Unfortunately, I do not currently order anything from this site because shipping to where I live defeats the cost savings of buying in bulk.  But if you are fortunate enough to live near one of their many drop off locations, you can get fantastic deals on flours, grains, and organic produce.  Just remember it is a bulk order website, so if you can't use all of your order, make sure you can either store it in a freezer, or better yet, find a couple friends to split the order with you.
Source: draxe.com via Susan on Pinterest

I'm sure many groceries in the states stock coconut oil, but I buy mine from an Asian grocery store.  I find I have more selection and higher quality than the regular grocery.  Many health food stores also offer these types of products, but the price will be higher and the quantity less.  It makes good sense to buy bulk for many things, especially soaps and goods that don't expire.  The gallon bottle of castile soap I bought 6 months ago is still nearly half full, and we use it for everything.

So, let your fingers do the walking and enjoy exploring these websites.  If you have any other favorites, please let me know.  Happy Monday!


  1. I never considered an Asian store for my coconut oil. I'm going to have to pop into one and price compare.

    Thanks for linking this to Your Green Resource

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  4. of course! I live in the Netherlands, so my timing is a little different, and by the time you put up the link I was out of the house. But fortunately I remembered later in the evening. Thanks for the link up.