23 November 2011

Challenge Wednesday #9

I've swapped blogs with A Drop in the Bucket today.  Hop over to see my post, and read on for the lovely Mrs. Jen:

This week, Tracey and I are sharing why we feel it is important to be grateful with each other and our friends {that's you!}.  Why?  Cause in the U.S. {and around the world wherever there might be Americans} tomorrow will be Thanksgiving.  What started out as a day to celebrate our independence as a country, has quickly become so much more than that.

It's a day to celebrate all that we are grateful for, and people have been living it up this year!  Around the blog universe, all over Facebook, and likely Twitter {I gotta remember to get on there more} people are sharing what they are grateful for.  And I'll be joining that bandwagon tomorrow {wink}.

But first, here is why I choose to be grateful.  Not just on Thanksgiving, but EVERY day.

Gratuitous photos of my children?  Perhaps.

But, truthfully, here is why I choose to be grateful everyday {for them}:

1. I want to be "low-stress".  So I'm grateful, and appreciate today instead of worrying about tomorrow.

2. I want to be fun.  So I'm grateful, and thankful for the opportunities we have as a family to have fun.

3. I want to be healthy.  So I'm grateful for the time I have to run and the healthy food that is available to me {even if I don't always take quite as much advantage of it as I should}.

4. I want to be a good friend.  So I'm grateful for the friends I have who allow me to do so.

5. I want to be a good daughter, sister and aunt.  So I'm grateful that I have family that I can be that for.

6. I want to be a good wife.  So I'm grateful that J#1 continues to put up with me.  {wink}

7.  I want to be happy {so they are happy}.  So I'm grateful.

Source: pinterest.com via Jenny on Pinterest

My guess is that your list of "why its important to be grateful" might be pretty similar, huh?

In honor of our 'Challenge Wednesdays' I challenge everyone to continue the gratefulness after Thanksgiving.

See that 1000 gifts tab that both Tracey and I have on our tabs up at the top of our blogs?  That is an on-going list of what we are thankful for.  The things that help us appreciate living in the moment and enjoying our life RIGHT NOW, every day.

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