29 November 2011

Pin it. Do it. Week 4.

Pretties for your Hair

I'm a hair accessory snob.  Not because I'm snobby about how it looks; rather, I'm all about the function.  I cannot tell you how much money and time I've wasted looking for and finding an accessory I like, only to find out it doesn't stay put.

I need my pins, barrettes, and hair bands to do their jobs, people.

So I use a lot of my tried and true favorites:  the humble bobby pin.  But, seriously, bobby pins aren't very exciting.  When I wanted to spice it up a little, I ordered a beautiful chrysanthemum pin from Etsy, which I love.  But it slips, so I end up putting another pin across it to make it stay.  I figured I would have to choose between form and function, and let me tell you, I always choose function.

But lo and behold, I can have it both ways!  And with materials I have oodles of at home.  

I found this tutorial on pinterest and thought

Duh.  Why haven't I done this before?

So I did.

You should read the original tutorial, but basically it goes like this:

1. Find a cool button.

2. Thread it to the end of a bobby pin.

3. Put a dab of glue so it doesn't slip.


I've decided that this pinterest thing makes me seem way more creative than I actually am.  But  more than that, no more wasting time and money looking for hair accessories.  I'm repurposing buttons without a home (and who doesn't love cool vintage buttons???) and the hundreds of bobby pins I've got lying around, and my effort is only a few minutes.  Doesn't get much more frugal than this.  Pinterest wins again!


  1. I love Pinterest for that very reason- it makes me seem way more creative than I am! :) What a great way to use up old buttons! I love it. Also- I just read in your profile that you are a Pediatric OT! What a cool job! My husband is a physical therapist and dabbled in pediatrics for a little bit. I have a lot of respect for you and what you do! You are awesome. Thanks for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We hope that you will come back tomorrow and share more of you amazing ideas!
    Camille @

  2. Well, hi Camille! Thanks so much for commenting. I AM a pediatric OT and wouldn't have it any other way...unless I go to Physician Assistant school, that is. It can be challenging, but with your husband a PT you already know that. Of course I will be linking up tomorrow - I rarely miss a Strut Your Stuff Saturday.