23 November 2011

Simply Put

I'm not gonna lie.  This post is going to ramble.  I just have these ideas swimming, and I need to get them out.  Does it totally fit with my simple, sustainable theme?  Maaaayyybbee.  You be the judge.

A few year ago I took up running.  At the time, I couldn't run a single mile without nearly collapsing.  I chose running for a few reasons:

  • its simplicity
  • its portability
  • its roots in nature
Even though the first few times were rough, I stuck with it.  I soon got hooked, but not just because of the health benefits.  I've found I need the time to think, clear my head, and absorb the world around me.  I run in all kinds of weather, and I feel very connected to nature.  When I return home I am usually ready to face whatever obstacle is lying in front of me.

We all agree it's important to get exercise.  But we don't agree on how to do it.  For me, a gym is the least desirable location to get exercise, equipment takes a lot of space, it's expensive, and its hours and location are not versatile.  That said, I do go to a gym during winter months, because the climate I live in is not conducive to running.  However, my passion is an evening run with brilliant sunset colors illuminating my path.  Running leaves me energized, focused, and happy.  All requirements for the amount of time and energy I pour into my family, my home, and our commitment to real food.

If you want to live a simple and healthy lifestyle, regular exercise is vital.  But don't just exercise for physical health.  Anyone can become a gym rat.  Instead, choose a medium that agrees with your lifestyle.

Fitness Friday Blog Hop


  1. I fully agree! Gym is just to get me through the winter time, and perhaps pregnancy :) . Because of you, I've learned this new way of life!

  2. Aww, thanks Evelyn! We need to run together more. Or, since it's getting colder, maybe just have coffee!

  3. I am also in love with running! Have been for most of my life!! It is one of the ways me and God talk together :)

  4. I've only been running a few years but sometimes I wonder where it's been all my life.

  5. I hate the gym. I love to run outside and even when I lived where it got very cold and very snowy in the winter, I ran outside.

    Ya gotta find what works for you.

  6. Right you are! Last winter I ran outside, but I reluctantly joined the gym when I nearly lost control of my daughter's jogging stroller on the ice. Motivation is the key.

  7. Yay for running! I started running a little over a year ago...or rather, returned to running after a very long, injury-required hiatus. Good for you for taking enough steps to fall in love with it :)

  8. Nice post. I am still trying to get past the dying at a mile run thing. I have tried and tried to be a runner -but never get it to stick. Following from Fitness Friday!

  9. XLMIC - Welcome back to running! I took those first few steps and just completed my first marathon. Hope you are loving it too.

    Emily - if you enjoy running, then I encourage you to stick with it. If you don't, maybe you should ask yourself what you do like about it and then find an alternative activity that has similarities. For instance, do you enjoy being outside? Maybe walking or cycling would be a better choice. Either way, good for you for making the effort to find what works for you. Thanks for the visit - I'll go check out your blog right now.