18 November 2011

Five Minute Friday - How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Time to get my writing on.  Courtesy of The Gypsy Mama:

For only five short, bold, beautiful minutes. Unscripted and unedited. We just writewithout worrying if it’s just right or not.

Ok.  Today's topic?  Grow.

Do you ever wonder why I ask you not to grow up?  Do you?  

Do you ever sense the fear in me as you go away on a trip for a few days?  Do you?

Do you ever see my hesitation as I try to picture my life without chaotic days, but with quiet instead?

I'm going to put a book on your head, I tell you.  No more growing, no more learning.  
I hate it when you travel, I tell you.  Your place is here, with us.

Thank God I'm wrong.  Thank God He sees the good, He makes it so.  

For without this life, this place, right here and now, I cannot grow.  Every new day brings it.  Every stage of child development, ever goodbye and every single homecoming.  Every single one.  

Do I seem anxious?  Maybe.  But would I change it?  Most.  Definitely. Not.  

This is my life, and this is my opportunity to grow.  I've come a long way since I joined the ranks of motherhood, and an even longer way since I vowed to stick together in good times and bad.  How much would I miss if I took away all of this?  

Thank you for [these opportunities to grow].


Ok, now it's your turn!  Hop over to

for a little inspiration, and then give it a try.  It's amazing what you can learn in these precious five minutes.


  1. I feel you. It is a bitter sweet journey at times, but we raise them for God as we grow up with them :) New follower and friend from Five Minute Friday.

  2. Thanks, new friend. So nice to meet up with like minded people. Thanks for hopping over.