16 November 2011

Challenge Wednesday #8

Welcome back to another Challenge Wednesday.  This week is a double challenge, so check out my post on A Drop in the Bucket.

Last week I challenged Jen to create 3-5 daily to-do items in order to accomplish a week's worth of items in a manageable way.  Read on for her report:

Well, I thought this challenge would be a piece of cake.  I am the queen of lists, generally considered pretty organized--its usually one of the top points on my job reviews.  So, writing a daily to do list each of 3-5 items in order to accomplish a week's worth of tasks?  Seemed like it should be pretty easy.

But it wasn't.

See, first thing I did was take it a bit to the extreme.  I wrote my daily to do list.  I did.

For every day between the day I got the challenge through next Tuesday, when we leave for a trip {that was almost two weeks worth of lists}.  I thought it would help the days go by quickly.

Here is the issue.  Life.

"Life?" you ask.  Yup.  The weekend comes around, plans come up, and things don't get done.  Then I feel guilty.

I learned that life with two littles means that the to-do lists should be planned each day {maybe the night before}, but just one day at a time.  So to remedy this, I made a list of items that needs to happen daily {won't go on the list, because they are just a given, things like keeping the kitchen clean}, weekly and monthly.

This list is now up on the dry erase board in my newly organized utility room (click here to see it!).

And each night before bed, I am going to check that list for my daily items to do.  That way, I can plan accordingly.

So I have to thank you Tracey {once again, wink}.  This was a true challenge, and it was the inspiration for me to get my utility room organized so that I could get the dry erase board into action.

Now, for this upcoming week...Tracey, your challenge is going to be simple, but important.  Especially in light of our upcoming American Holiday of Thanksgiving.

Take the week off from challenges.  But lets trade blogs next week, and tell each other {and all of our friends} why we find it is so important to be grateful.

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