08 February 2012

Challenge Wednesday #20.

Today's guest post is once again from Jen @ A Drop in the Bucket:

Last week, Tracey asked me to share what kinds of fruits and veggies you've been incorporating into your diet recently, because I happen to know you are trying to eat at least five servings a day. Sooo, what are your favorites? Got a recipe you can share? Or at least how you like to eat them? Raw? Steamed? Drizzled in butter? Dunked in dressing? Smoothie? Hmmm?

Again, Tracey challenged me, instead of just asking me a question.  Little did she know, huh? 

When I first saw the question, I would have said I generally eat fruits for the majority of my five servings.  And they were raw.  But I was getting to a point of boredom with that.  

So, where did I go for solutions? Pinterest, of course! 

First up...a Martha Stewart recipe for a Zucchini Quesadilla.  And in case you didn't know...I am not Martha Stewart.  So I adjusted the recipe a bit. 
Before I began, my son, J#3, inspected the zucchini.  

He decided it was alright, so I cut that up, fried it a bit with garlic, combined it with some cheese and placed it on a tortilla.  
 Totally easy.  But it introduced some veggies, and in a bit of a different way.  And the left over zucchini?  A perfect side dish.

 See this?  This would be the most vegetables to ever be placed in one meal in my home.
Sad. I know.

Here is a link for the original post and recipe of the California Sandwich to go:

Of course, I changed this one up a bit too.  But, if you can find some sprouts...well, and like them...I am sure they'd be a great addition.  
I have to say, I was a big fan of both of these recipes.  And the California Sandwich leftovers made for a great impromptu guacamole. 

Last, but certainly not least...I did make a little adjustment to all of the raw fruits that I am still eating.  
It was very simple. Easy peasy.  Just added in some greek yogurt.  And that gave it a bit of a different taste.

So, thanks again Tracey.  Challenging me as always.

My question for you to answer for next week... How are things going with your bucket list?  Any new additions? Anything crossed off the list?  

Wow. Those look scrumptious! Might have to try them, tweaked to be Primal friendly, of course. And Dude. The Bucket List? I was just thinking about it a couple days ago, and planning to do an update. Tune in next week to find out how it's going.

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