09 February 2012

Game ON! The Limit

Hi All.

Nothing much new to report this week. Still completing the Game ON Challenge, and it is going well. Numbers aren't changing much, and I'm wondering if I hit my limit, weight-wise.

I didn't really have weight to lose in the first place, other than that six pounds I've mentioned. I've lost about five, but my body is sleek and toned. Actually, I've seen some pretty amazing changes in only a few weeks. If I didn't lose another pound but got to keep this shape, I would be completely satisfied.

Except, I'd lose the game.

But, I'm ok with that. I mean, it would be awesome to win, both the money and the bragging rights. But this challenge was the motivation I needed to make some changes in our diet. We are advocates of real food, but the switch to Primal Eating has allowed me to effortlessly reach the next level in my fitness.

Running outdoors is at a standstill. It is just too cold. We have snow and ice.

I can't handle it. Today I am going to brave it and go for a very easy walk/jog with my daughter in her jogging stroller, but even with her completely bundled under a blanket we won't be able to last long. I've been going to my gym more often, but in case you didn't know,

Treadmills Are Boring.

So, I've been mixing it up with HIIT workouts on the stairmaster, weights and abdominal work. I'd like to get a 5k run in to see how fast I can finish, but unless it warms up significantly I'll be postponing that. I'm hoping what I am doing will translate into speed when the time comes.

Source: google.ca via Sam on Pinterest


  1. I hope the weather changes for you VERY soon. Although the snow is sort of pretty. :-)

    1. Thanks, friend. I went for my jog this morning, and I was miserable at first. It got a little better, but I kept slipping on the ice. Not cool. Especially with the Little in the stroller.