22 February 2012

Challenge Wednesday #22

Today's guest post is from my wonderful friend Jen @ A Drop in the Bucket:

Hi friends!  Here it is, another Wednesday.  Already?  Hmm. 

Well, just as a reminder, Tracey and I share our blog homes each Wednesday with each other...and with you!  We have a lot in common, and a lot to learn from each other.  Isn't that true for a lot of us?

So here we go with another learning experience.  Will you join me? 

And now, Jen, I want to know how you are living in the moment in Scotland. What kind of things have you explored? What memories are you making? What opportunities are you taking advantage of while you are living in the UK? Come on, spill the beans, we want details!

Eek. You caught me Tracey.  I've been in Scotland about three months and I've done barely anything to take advantage of it.  

Wait.  Scratch that.  

I have been taking advantage of the conveniences that are here, but not in the Netherlands.  Which is both a good (Skinny Cow ice cream treats) and bad (loads of American t.v., Skinny Cow ice cream treats) thing.  But that is a story for another day.  

Living in the moment?  Well, always. How could I not with this cutie pie?

But, probably not to the level I could be.

So.  We made a plan.  J#1 (my husband) and I sat this weekend and listed out the places we want to see in Scotland, England and Ireland.  And planned out the trips we will take throughout Europe while we are still in this part of the world.  Click on over to my bucket list to see the long list of UK sites that we are excited to see.  

And Europe?  We are planing a trip to Scandinavia (so, Tracey, you'll have to fill me in on Oslo),  Switzerland and Austria and perhaps even a cruise out of Rome, to see Turkey and Greece!  I think I may even try my hand feet at skiing for the first time in Switzerland.  I'm sure they have bunny slopes, right? 

Source: google.com via Jordan on Pinterest

I know that now that we have done the planning we need to get out and DO it.  We have already challenged ourselves to get out of the house {and our routine} and do something new or different at least twice a month on the weekends.  Maybe we'll even try geocaching?  I've heard it can be fun. 

And who did I first hear about geocaching from?  Tracey, of course.  So Tracey, would you please tell me about your favorite geocaching experience and about any key things that we need to know if when we start doing it?    

Oh, I am so excited to get to write about geocaching next week on Jen's blog! I'm a geek, I know, but if you are looking for a frugal, fun, family activity that takes you to places you would never otherwise see, tune in next week.

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