10 February 2012

Five Minute Friday: Trust

How completely fitting that I am compelled to write about trust today. I've been questioning my ability to trust all week. 
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I could not have been more sure about what I was told. My husband was told the same thing, and although we were terrified, we were ready to step forward in faith.

Because we trusted in HIS ability to lead us forward, through all the uncertainties, unanswered questions, unrealistic expectations. We told our closest friends, who rejoiced and prayed.

And then, it all came crashing down. Crumpled in a dusty pile at our feet. We were wrong. Wrong! 

We grieved. We denied. We wandered aimlessly. In the span of a day or two. 

Source: google.ca via Karen on Pinterest

And now, how can I trust any more? How can I trust myself, that the thoughts I have are from Him, and not from myself? How can I trust that we will be taken care of, that things will work out? Doubt has taken over and swallowed the tiny shred of trust I had left.

But, there is still a pinpoint of light. A spark of hope that we weren't so wrong, that our trust was not in vain. That the plan is only slight different from our original picture. That we just need a bit of adjustment, in time, in attitude, in [hope].

[word in brackets and picture added after the time limit]

I think trust is closely linked to hope, and as my trust grows, so does my hope. What about you? What kind of amazing things do you have to say about trust? This is a safe place. You can share from your heart and be met with nothing but encouragement.  


  1. Thinking about you friend. And I'm praying that that pinpoint becomes something bigger.

  2. So rough to grow in trust...to truly rest in Him and know that He has it all under control......I love the verses that talk about how He knows every hair on your head, and knit you together...to know that He sent His son for you so that you could be with him someday. It's always hard in the moment, never an easy thing...but it's in the rough stuff we learn to hold on tight to the One that will never let us go, the One that has great things in store for us...better than we could ever imagine, if we just hold tight and follow Him. Praying He would give you wisdom and encouragement, and that you would just hold tighter to the One that created you and loves you so very much.

  3. I'm sorry you were disappointed even though you stepped out in faith. I've been there and know that place all too well!! your questions echo in my heart, they are the same ones I've been asking myself for months. Thanks for admitting it's hard to trust.

  4. There is always a spark of light when we're willing to see it. It's so hard to trust, but so worth it! Thanks for sharing your heart today.

  5. It is so hard when doubt takes over and we completely lose every ounce of trust we had in the most trustworthy being of all. Praying that you will rediscover your trust in Him. Be strong.