13 February 2012

Funday Monday: Cocoa-licious

Aaaand, we're off. Another Monday is upon us. Thought I'd share a recent discovery I made that Husband and I really enjoy:

Brewed Cocoa.

I ran across this as an alternative to coffee. I like to have a warm drink in my hand, especially during the winter. Coffee is good, but gets old all day every day (although that is the Dutch way!). Tea is...just ok. It reminds me of when I was often sick as a girl with a sore throat that turned out to be madly infected tonsils that my doctor just kind of ignored. For years. So my mom gave me tea with honey and lemon. It's nice, but that association turns me off sometimes. Just like how I hate anything with artificial grape flavor, because as part of the madly infected tonsils I went through a lot of grape flavored Dimetap elixir.  Anyone remember that? Hmm, this seems to be veering dangerously towards a senseless ramble.

Let's get back to the topic. Brewed cocoa. Before I go any further, be aware that this is NOT hot chocolate. You will be disappointed if that's what you are looking for. Brewed cocoa is just what it sounds like: roasted cocoa beans brewed just like coffee. It is not sweet on it's own, but it has that distinctive cacao flavor. It has all the great benefits of cocoa beans and no caffeine (although it does have a non-addictive natural stimulant that has been said to boost energy levels).

I like to drink mine with a pinch of sugar and coconut milk. It tastes decadent, without the yucky unhealthy stuff. Sometimes when I brew morning coffee I substitute a scoop of cocoa instead. One thing I don't like about coffee is the bitterness, and the cocoa cuts into that nicely. You should really try it.

Disclosure: I am not in any way endorsed for the review of this product. However, if you click on the link above, I will receive a portion of your purchase through the Amazon Affiliate program. 


  1. So you can't use regular cocoa this way, right?(I have an espresso machine.) You have to buy cocoa beans and have them ground properly for your machine?

    1. I've thought of that, but I think it might be too powdery. One option that I think is viable is simply to get cacao nibs, which we keep on hand anyway and use in cookies. You'll probably need to grind them a little smaller, but it wold work the same.