19 October 2011

19. Child's Play

Not long ago, the Bigs wanted pancakes for dinner.  Husband and I had no plans for dinner, but we were hoping to come up with something a little quicker.  But rather than just saying no, we took the diplomatic route by saying,

Go for it. 

Thinking, of course, that that would be the end of that nonsense.

Well, you can probably see where this is going.  Those two boys made pancakes.  From start to finish, with very little assistance.

Yes, we supervised them on the stove.  Please don't report us for neglect.

They now choose a recipe to make every Sunday, making a grocery list for me ahead of time and carefully measuring the ingredients.

The reason our kids have taken on this kind of project has a lot to do with our own attitude towards home made.

It can be done.

It is not impossible.

It is fun.

They agree that home made food tastes better, and they rarely ask to go out to eat.  Of course, they won't ever turn down a certain McFood chain if offered chicken nuggets, but they also know this will happen rarely and are ok with that.

Get the kids involved in what you make.  Let them see your industriousness.  Give them tools to make a lifetime of home made choices.

Enjoy your time together.

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