31 October 2011

Day 31: The Adventure Continues

I have spent 31 days talking about home made.  I could keep going.  The world of possibilities is immense, and in my own life I have just scratched the surface.  The limits are self-imposed.  I am learning more every day, and you can too.  There are many resources available if you want to know more:

Kitchen Stewardship is one of the first places I look for recipes or information about whole foods

Sorta Crunchy gives me good inspiration on a macro level, but the Green Resource every Thursday gives me access to a huge variety of practical ideas for repurposing, creating, and solving problems.

A Bowl Full of Lemons encourages me to take on at least one project a week with her link up party on Tuesdays.  She also has great cleaning and organizing posts.

I Heart Organizing  is an amazing site for, well, organizing.  Although she tends to buy her containers or storage solutions, I often get ideas that I can adapt with a home made approach.

Finally, Six Sisters Stuff is great for fun ideas, from recipes to home projects or even crafts, if that's your thing.  You'll often find me linking up on Strut your Stuff Saturdays.

My own home made adventure is ongoing, so check back often for more successes, and maybe even a few flops.

I said it before:  the possibilities of home made are endless.  If something doesn't work out, you can always go back to the store.

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