11 October 2011

Day 11: Solve a Problem

The Barrette Dilemma

Today I solved a problem.  Barrettes always slip out of my daughter's super fine hair.  Even the ones that are lined with non-slip stuff.  She has such cute barrettes, but it was getting annoying.

So I put a small baby rubber band on the end of each one.  It took a  minute to get it on there, but voila!  no more slips.

Home made solutions are the best kind, especially when they involve very little time or effort.  The sense of satisfaction is unbeatable.

What problem can you solve today?

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  1. Magnets works great too- I bet you could make your own 'no slippy hair clippy' clips. They never fall out and it is only a magnet on the bottom piece of the barrette, covered with a velvety ribbon. You are so creative, Tracey!

  2. magnets are a great idea, but rubber bands were what i had. if I ever have them on hand, I'll give them a try.