10 October 2011

Day 10: Home Made Fitness

photo by Jennifer Hallquist

I ran a marathon yesterday.  I've mentioned a few times that I was training, and yesterday I did it.  It was my first one, kind of a "bucket list" item.

As I was running, my mind started wandering, and I started thinking about how I got into running in the first place.  I decided that my top reasons for running, besides to stay physically fit, are
  • the solitude
  • the scenery
  • the simplicity
I realized that running is one of several home made exercises, things that don't require a gym membership, specialized training, or a ton of equipment.  Sure, yesterday I had a rain jacket and special shoes and my sports headphones, but when I started running three years ago, I just headed out in a t-shirt, shorts, and my sneakers.

Here are a few other fitness activities that you can do at today, at home, with little or no preparation:

  • walking - this is a great time of year in many places to walk outside and enjoy the fall colors
  • strengthening - don't underestimate the fitness and weight loss potential of strengthening exercises. You don't even need weights; you can do pushups, planks, sit ups, lunges, or lift soup cans and water bottles.
  • play with your kids - throw around a football, play soccer, or wrestle.  You both will benefit.
  • ride your bike - run your errands on your bike, if possible.  Don't worry about not riding in a while; riding a bike is like, well, riding a bike.
  • jump rope - ok, I guess this one needs a piece of equipment.  But I bet your kids have a jump rope in their toy stash.
  • hiking - head out on a trail and explore a new part of your community.  If you need a destination, I recommend taking up the hobby geocaching.  It's a high tech treasure hunt perfect for all ages.
photo by Jennifer Hallquist
Taking care of your health doesn't have to be complicated, and it doesn't have to be daunting.  Find something you enjoy, and have fun.

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  1. Hi Tracey and welcome to Fitness Friday!

    Congratulations on your first! Crossing the finish line of my first marathon is something I will never forget!

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    Hope to see your link up this week :)

  2. The need for only shoes and no fancy equipment was the reason I started running and one of the huge reasons I keep running.

  3. Amy, me too! It fits my criteria of simplicity and portability. Thanks for coming over.