27 October 2011

Day 27: Junk Art

The Best Things in Life are Free

I've often said I'm not a crafty person, because the truth of the matter is that I don't enjoy crafts for crafts sake.  But I do enjoy the satisfaction of making something with my own hands, something that I used to buy but now I know how to make.  

But my kids?  They love to make anything and everything.  We could go broke on art supplies.  But we don't, because we use junk.  Literally.

We have this fantastic book:

and we use it to get our creative juices flowing.  But the reality is that you don't need a book to tell you what to do with junk.  Ours was a gift and gives us great ideas, but the Bigs are also excellent at creating on their own. 

We regularly raid the recycling bins for 
  • toilet paper roles
  • cereal boxes
  • plastic bottles
  • colored paper
  • cans
  • shoe boxes
  • rubber bands
  • cotton balls
  • tissue paper

From rockets to airplanes to 3D houses, normal household "junk" can easily be turned into treasure.  

And kids' treasures are priceless.

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  1. Love it. Thanks for sharing on Your Green Resource.