06 October 2011

Day 6: Reuse, Repurpose, Remake

If we are talking about home made being a way of thinking, then we need to start with what we already have.  My family doesn't want to constantly be buying new items to cram into our house, but of course our needs are constantly changing.  But before I buy anything, I try very hard to use something that we already have.  Sometimes it's merely a container that needs to be used for a different purpose, and sometimes it's an item that requires modification.  Here's a good example:

my daughter has a bag that I use to take extra clothes and snacks to her babysitter.  She has very strong opinions from time to time, and she has been insisting on carrying it.  But the problem is that it's a messenger style bag, and even though it's child-sized, it's still way too big.  In the past I would have just bought a new bag that she could carry on her own, but with my home made mindset, I instead looked for an alternative that wouldn't require a new purchase.  I came up with this plan:

1.  I cut the strap off of the bag.
2.  I folded it in half and tacked it to the backside of the bag, on the top.
3.  I sewed the other ends to the bottom, on each outside edge.

After I tried it on her, I used my sewing machine to more securely attach the top of the straps to the bag.

And voila!  A toddler-sized backpack.  It took a little thread and about 15 minutes of engineering and sewing.

The Little has been wearing it around all day.  It's not perfect, but it's a workable solution for now, and the beauty of home made is that the charm is in the imperfection.

What is one thing you have at home that can be repurposed and given new life?  All it really requires is a different way of thinking.  No special skills required, just a little brainpower.

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  1. But I don't! I could teach you to do this in half an hour. It's just a mindset. Come on, you know you wanna...

  2. Wow.. I am impressed... I thought you were just going to shorten the strap... This is so much cuter.

  3. Well, I wasn't sure the messenger style would work even with a shorter strap so I just went with the safe bet. Thanks - it worked out. This time.

  4. Love that idea! I sm so not crafty, but I thi I need to start brining out my inner craftiness, if I have some!!! :)

  5. I've never been crafty either, but it's amazing the things you can accomplish if it becomes a priority.

  6. That's so cute and clever!

    Here is my big list of ways to reuse things.