18 October 2011

Day 18: Time is Money (or Yumminess)

Some home made things are so incredibly cost effective and easy, once you try them you'll say,

"Duh.  Why haven't I ever done this before?"

Home made vanilla is one of those things.

Here are the materials you need to make your own vanilla:

  • vanilla beans (can be bought online or at gourmet groceries)
  • vodka
  • a jar
Here are the skills required to make vanilla:

  • ability to use scissors
  • ability to pour liquid
  • ability to shake a jar
The only other thing you need is time.  Not time working.  Just time waiting.  You'll see what I mean when I explain what to do.  Ready?

Here is how you make home made vanilla:  
  1. Snip vanilla beans (2-3) in half lengthwise, but leave the top 1/2" or so uncut.
  2. Put in jar.
  3. Pour in vodka.
  4. Close jar.
  5. Shake.
  6. Put in Pantry.
  7. Shake about once a week for six weeks.
  8. Use your vanilla.
See this recipe if you want a pretty picture of a cut vanilla bean.  

I'm thinking this would make great Christmas presents, what do you think?  If you start now, it will be ready just in time.  You can use the six weeks to find pretty little jars and labels for your amazing home made gift. Oh wait, that's a post for a different day.

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  1. My comments the entire time while reading...

    "No, really?"





    "Seriously, those little bottles cost $7 each? And I could be making my own?!"

    "Count me in."

  2. Love it. I had seen this before, but am totally going for it one we move. Pinterest here I come.

  3. Nyiaak: ha ha! Sometimes it amazes me how easy some of this stuff is. Have fun!
    Jen: get crackin, lady.