22 October 2011

Day 22: Christmas the Home Made Way

Home made doesn't just have to be for your family; it's a great way to share the love in a personal way.  There are many easy home made gift options, from sweet treats to decorations to staple foods.  Here are a few items that I am considering to make at our house:

crockpot pear butter in cute jars - easy peasy

Source: None via Tracey on Pinterest

yum - canning jar cupcakes!

cookies plus a recipe - awesome

bath salts...I guess I have an affinity for gifts in a jar

Source: None via Aimee on Pinterest

I've covered this one before, but really, how much easier can it get?

Find some inspiration here, or from the virtual bulletin board at pinterest.  Or better yet, dig deep and find inspiration within yourself. 

if this is your first visit, welcome!  Be sure to check out my other 31 Days to Home Made posts, by either clicking here or on the button at the top of this page.

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