16 October 2011

Day 16: Storage Solutions

Thanks to pinterest, I have a nice long list of home made storage ideas to try, so I thought I would share a few with you.

The great thing about home made storage is that it's cheap, easy (if you want), and endlessly customizable.

Ana White
Fantastic idea.  This laundry basket is in a bathroom, but I would be inclined to put one in a laundry room next to the washing machine for folding and sorting clothes.

Magazine rack turned can storage...doesn't get much easier than this.

This project takes a tiny bit more effort.  But I think cutting the bottom off a cereal box and gluing craft paper is probably doable for even the most creatively challenged of us.

This is an old cleaning wipes container turned plastic bag holder.  Great for the car if you have regular need of plastic bags.

Lesson learned?  Even if you can't think come up with your own home made solutions, many people have already done the work for you.  Take a cruise around the internet and see what kind of inspiration you can find.

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