09 January 2012

Funday Monday: Linen "Closet"

Here's a not so fun tidbit about living in Europe:  closets are virtually nonexistent.

We are fortunate that Husband's employer has loaned us several wardrobes for our stay here.  They are super ugly, but at least we have a place to stash stuff.

I placed one wardrobe in our bonus play/guest/project room and turned it into linen storage.    Like how I threw some stickers on them and suddenly nullified their plywood hideous-ness?  That's me, awesome interior designer.

The thing about these wardrobes, though, is that they have no shelves.  So I used some hanging shelves we had from a previous apartment and created a place for sheets and towels.

I chose to separate my flat sheets from fitted from pillowcases.  I used to keep a set together inside a pillowcase, but the amount of effort it took to make it lay all nice and neat to make room for other sets on the shelf was not worth it.  We don't have very many sheets, so it's not like it takes a long time to find a full set.  Rolling the sheets was inspiration from a different blog whose address I can't remember now, but it is also more space efficient than folding.

I pinned a piece of fabric labeling each shelf.


Organizing makes me happy.


  1. Organizing makes me happy too! Thanks for sharing this at the Frugal Tuesday Tip.


  2. I love this too. I am passionate organiser- have to be with three teens in the house!