03 January 2012

Pin it. Do it. Week 9.

Star Wars Snowflakes

I got to this week's project in an indirect sort of way.  My friend Dayna made these for her kids and posted pictures.  Of course my boys immediately wanted Star Wars snowflakes because, well, that's just cool.  

Turns out she got the idea and tutorial from Pinterest, so it counts for Pin it. Do it. Right?  

Click on the link above or here for the tutorial.

We had mixed success with this project, for a couple reasons.  But R2D2 and Boba Fett turned out mostly ok.  Ok enough to hang on our window.

The Bigs loved loved these things, so I was happy to do it for them as a fun project over winter break.  But if you want to undertake this project, please note a couple things:

1.  This project is for the kids, not with them.  I'm sure older kids could participate more, and mine tried, but 6 and 8 is a little young for the detailed folding and cutting.

2. You really need a nice sharp exacto knife.  Which we have, but Husband wasn't home and I didn't know where it was.  So I used a different blade, and it was too bulky for the small cuts.

Still a super fun project, and kudos to the couple who developed these special snowflakes.  I wouldn't even know where to begin with something like that.


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  1. OMG....my kids are too young for this but do you know who would LOVE this? My HUSBAND!!!!! I'm pinning this though because this would be awesome for some of my older speech students. Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Thursday! hope to see you again this week!