19 January 2012

Game ON! The Lowdown

So, Last Week I mentioned this health and fitness competition that I've joined.  This week is the introductory phase where we outline our goals.  The real game begins Sunday.  How exciting!

I'm ready to get this party started.  Here's the deal:

We get points for following our diet of choice.  My choice?

Husband and I have been thinking about this plan for a while now, because whenever we experiment with decreasing grains and/or gluten we feel fantastic.  We figured now is a great time to try it out short term and see how it goes.  The hardest part for me will be all. that. meat.  Oh, and the no grains thing.

But first things first.  This is NOT an Atkins or South Beach Diet.  Whole foods are encouraged, and any diet that completely cuts out certain plant products is not a sustainable eating plan.

I skimmed the book this week, and I *think* I agree with a lot of the principles.  Basically, the author makes the case for a diet low in grains, high in fats, and moderate in protein.  While some of the claims he makes are pretty extreme, I do think this lifestyle is a good way to monitor intake without monitoring calories.  Why?  I truly believe a diet high in the right fats keeps you feeling satiated, curbing the urge to snack on not so great stuff. We have been cooking with healthy fats and using whole milk creams and cheeses for a while with no adverse effects.  In fact, the six pounds I want to lose only became a problem when the holidays rolled around and I started eating more processed foods (like refined sugar, cereals, and snack foods).  And really, I had the six pounds during my marathon training, but it was in the form of muscle mass, and now, well, it's not.

We also get points for breaking a bad habit and starting a good habit.  Mine?

bad habit: late night eating.  No food after 8:00 PM.  I am a major night snacker, so this will be difficult.
good habit: one High Intensity Interval Training session per week.  This is my plan to increase my running speed.

I'll also get points for very night I get at least seven hours of sleep, drinking 3L(!) of water each day, exercising at least 20 minutes, and communicating with team members and opponents.

My goal is six pounds lost and lean muscle built.  I think it's a realistic goal.

What do you think?

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  1. I think it is totally realistic! I just returned from a month long trip to my in-laws out of state that overlapped the new year, and one of my 'goals' for this year was a diet...primarily because my eating habits have gone down the TUBES!! hahahaha. I am doing the HCG diet and having great success. I know that it requires a serious amount of commitment to complete successfully and while the wieghtloss is awesome...I'm greatly looking forward to breaking my bad eating habits as a result and the 'reset' of my system that will have occurred by the time I complete it. I am anticipating (barring nothing knocks me off my course) that by the time I finish, it will be time for me to start seeds indoors, plan for the coming garden, and keep me in that "i love eating healthy and awesome" mindset :P

    Oh and I have to work hard on the night snacking too :( It is so nice and quiet once everyone is asleep, that I always end up 'indulging' myself because I feel like it's the right thing to do since it's so quiet ;P

    Hope your day is fantastic!

  2. This is definitely very realistic. Good luck with it! Well, I was going to start a diet because I have been gaining weight even though I am busting my behind exercising (I am hypothyroid) but I am actually starting a gluten-free diet recommended by my doctor. I am really looking forward to seeing how this diet will improve my overall well being.

    The Hypothyroid Athlete’s Kitchen

  3. I was just looking at TPB at Barnes & Noble. I would like to take my current clean eating a step further. Except for the grains primal eating is not that far off from how I eat now.

    Thanks for linking up with FF!