26 January 2012

Game ON! Progress Report

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The first official week of our Game ON fitness challenge is well underway. I've been following the Primal Blueprint diet for my eating plan. To summarize, this style of eating emphasizes good fats and quality proteins while limiting grains and legumes. The premise is that by controlling insulin production, health and fitness come naturally.

So far this week has been going well, but it ain't easy. Part of the difficulty is that we are finishing our FRUgalMOnth, so there is no room in the budget for expensive meats.  That ends in five days, though, so you can guess what I'll be doing first thing. Yup, food shopping. Let's just say I'm getting a little tired of eggs and cabbage. That said, I feel so satisfied after a meal that it is hard to think of it as a "diet." It's not, really.  It's a lifestyle change, and who would mind a change that involves snacks of fresh berries with heavy cream and cinnamon on top? It is a little tough to resist my fresh from the oven homemade bread while I am making sandwiches for the kids...but I've stayed strong, and I have a day off coming up, so I might indulge then. But only if I really want it.

I've lost three pounds, which is a lot, but I usually lose the most weight in the first week. Plus, when I weighed myself the first morning, I probably had some excess water weight from the nachos I'd eaten the night before! I expect this number to slow dramatically as I build muscle.

Speaking of, I also completed my first High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) this week. It only lasted about twenty minutes, but oh man am I sore. They say if you aren't completely taxed then you aren't doing it right. Well, I'm doing it right. I cannot believe the effectiveness of this type of workout. I did a strengthening session with pushups, crunches, jumping jacks, squats, and jump squats. I plan to do a cardio based session tomorrow during my run. Seriously, if you are looking for a short but highly effective training session, I recommend trying it out.

How about you? Are you meeting your fitness goals for the week? Every day is a new chance to live the live you want to live, so have fun and just do it.


  1. LOVE the quote. 3 lbs?!? Awesome lady! Even though I am doing WW, it ends up that I am definitely decreasing my carbs. The new way that they calculate the points means the more carbs, the more points. And, I figure I won't be as hungry so soon if I cut down the carbs. So, I am following in your footsteps a bit!!

  2. Go, Jen, go! You are doing great! Sounds like you've got a good handle on things. Keep it up.

  3. Three pounds is awesome!! I love the idea of a Frugal month, mine needs to be a Frugal Year!! LOL Love the fitness picture!! This week has been a little rocky fitness wise since I have been traveling but I'm committed to consistency this weekend into next week!